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Collaborative Anxiety Learning Modules (CALM)

The Collaborative Anxiety Learning Modules (CALM) are a collection of workshops designed to disseminate information regarding mental health, the manifestations of anxious distress, and factors that may influence the level of distress one experiences. The workshops are based on psychoeducation to provide participants with a well-rounded understanding of what stress and anxiety are, as well as how they might affect people differently.


Currently, workshop series have been developed and provided to help children and adolescents with the COVID-19 pandemic (CALM-C19), the Transition from Secondary/High School to University/College (CALM-U), and International Baccalaureate Education (CALM-IB).


Group Treatment for Self-Harm and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

From May 2013 to November 2014, Dr. Rappaport, Ph.D. collaborated with Dr. Perry Adler, Ph.D. to develop and provide a group treatment based on cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescents in Montréal to address an emergent crisis of self-harm and non-suicidal self-injury. Over the course of a nine-week treatment program, all participants either stopped self-harming or decreased from several times a day to one or two times per week. Drs. Rappaport and Adler then developed a series of posters made freely available to share insights from the group. Posters/images are available here.


Impact of COVID-19 on Children's Mental Health

We prepared info-graphics available here and here for families, educators, and communities to help share our research on how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the mental health of children in Southwestern Ontario. More information on the research that informed this project is available here.

Stress during COVID-19 for Youth

We created the following videos freely available online based on the adaptation of the CALM workshop series to help address the psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and youth. Please click on the images below for each video.

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